The biggest and most costly misconception our clients have is that their computer network doesn’t need regular monitoring and maintenance. Most of our clients have never encountered a major problem or disaster. But that’s no excuse. Thinking you don’t need regular monitoring and scheduled maintenance is like thinking you don’t need to wear a seat belt when driving a car because you’ve never had an accident.

Computer networks are complex and dynamic systems that need regular updates and maintenance to stay up, running fast and problem free.

And just like owning a car, if you don’t change the oil, replace the filter, rotate the tyres, flush the transmission and perform regular, scheduled maintenance, your car will eventually break down and cost you far more to repair than it would have cost you to maintain it. And cars are far simpler to maintain than a computer network!

Here are some of the critical updates the Amruthasys technicians do on a weekly, if not daily, basis for our clients:

  • BPO services
  • Anti-virus and firewall updates and monitoring.
  • Realtime embedded services
  • Real-time embeded systems
  • Voip and IP PBX
  • Web based CRM
  • Linux Support
  • Coud services – SaaS PaaS IaaS
  • Mobile services – Android IOS applications
  • Network services – cisco routers security network management,Mikrotik etc.
  • Content managemnet services- WordPress Joomla Drupal
  • Web hosting domain registration mainteamnce
  • Security patches applied, protecting your network from new viruses and hacker attacks.
  • Spam filters installed and updated.
  • Spyware detection and removal.
  • Backup monitoring and test re-stores.
  • Disk space monitoring on workstations and servers.
  • Hardware monitoring for signs of failure.
  • Systems optimised for maximum speed.

  • Amruthasys prides itself on its computer monitoring and maintenance of your network. We have the technical expertise to keep everything running at optimal levels. And when it doesn’t, we’ll uncover and repair any maintenance problem or service issue on time and at budget. We will eliminate all your computer and network systems problems and create for you a streamlined business experience. We have the systems and the technical know-how to transform your company into a highly effective one that is primed to prosper.